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World Sparrow Day

With World Sparrow Day around the corner (March 20th), we have charted out simple easy ways you can celebrate Sparrows!

  • 1. Host Kids’ Sparrow Party:

    Children love parties and what better excuse to throw them one than this World Sparrow day! You can implement any of the following ideas:

    Fancy dress competition

    Let your kids dress as common birds like Sparrow, Myna, pigeon, Crow and Parakeets and let the best one win!

    Sparrow Tattoos

    Invite a tattoo artist to paint your kids’ in hues of their favorite birds and let them shine!

    Interactive games

    Use this special occasion, to introduce children to the importance of Sparrows through interactive games. Go creative with ideas like Sparrow jigsaws, match-the-following, Sparrow hop-a-thon, Sparrow Treasure hunts etc. These will not only keep the kids entertained but is an effective way to educate them about Sparrows.

    Sparrow Walk

    Take a local hike or Sparrow Walk to nearest gardens, playgrounds and even lakes. Let the children enjoy the wonders of birds. You can use binoculars/cameras to spot and identify sparrows from a distance.

    Sparrow in Colors

    Help the children make colorful posters and paintings on Sparrows and other common birds to be put in your neighborhood which would help raise awareness on birds in your community.

    Sparrow Monitoring

    Undertake Sparrow monitoring in and around your homes. Just spend 15 minutes observing Sparrows from a point location in your house or neighborhood garden or terrace. Count the number of Sparrows seen and then visit www.cbmi.in website, register and login. Once logged in, input your location and submit observations. This way, you not only perform an important conservation activity but involve them in computer science and use internet and maps.

    Sparrow-friendly habits

    Teach kids to keep a bowl of water and grains for Sparrows to feed on. This introduces them to the importance of local flora and fauna. Plant hedges and other plants in and around your homes with the help of kids that invites Sparrows in your own little bird sanctuary

    Women can celebrate sparrows by organizing Sparrow themed kitty parties and outdoor hikes. They can have Potluck lunches wherein each woman brings a home-cooked recipe and a casual get-together with games, educate each other and undertake monitoring of sparrows with CBMI (www.cbmi.in)



  • 2. Celebrate your Special Day with Sparrows:

    If you or your kids’ birthday or anniversary falls in the month of March, celebrate it on the theme of Sparrows. You can host Sparrow theme parties with fancy dress competitions, Sparrow walks, show movies on Sparrows, play games like Treasure hunt of Sparrows, Sparrow races as Hop-a-thons etc. In addition, give away Sparrow nest boxes and feeders as return gifts to your guests. Order online on www.shopping.natureforever.org

  • 3. Celebrate Sparrow in your office:

    Sparrow Party

    Host a lunch-hour Sparrow Party.

    Sparrow Event

    If your office has an eco-club, you can organize a special event celebrating Sparrows for World Sparrow Day. In this, you can showcase a film or documentary on Sparrow conservation; organize talks to create awareness about the sparrow, hold contests like Sparrow treasure hunt, Hop-a-thons, photography contests, poster competition, musical chairs etc.

    Design and display posters on the need of Sparrow conservation.

    We have a range of downloadable posters that you can check out at www.natureforever.org/publications/downloads and http://www.worldsparrowday.org/downloads

    Register for WSD & CBMI

    Encourage your team to register for Common Bird Monitoring of India (CBMI) on cbmi as well as register your WSD event at www.worldsparrowday.org/form/

    Make your office Sparrow friendly

    Put bird boxes and bird feeders on your office windows and terraces. Plant hedges in and around your office to convert it into a mini bird sanctuary.

    Sparrow Walks & hikes

    Organize Sparrow-watching trips with your team members in the process monitor Sparrows or other birds and submit your observations on CBMI.


    Host Sparrow photography competition for your office members. Besides, encourage your team members to participate in our BiodiverCity Photo contest starting 12th of February

  • 4. Sparrow Celebration at Schools:

    Host a Sparrow event in your school with elocution, plays, painting competitions, fancy dress contest, singing and dancing etc are simple ways to involve students in fun activities to celebrate sparrows.

    Painting/drawing Competition

    Art is a great way to get the students interested in Sparrows.

    Fancy dress competition

    This is a fantastic way to engage the youngest students. Let them dress as common birds like Sparrow, Myna, pigeon, Crow and Parakeets and may the cutest one win!

    Interactive games

    Interactive games with placards, posters, educational tools, images and videos, students can be introduced to the importance of Sparrows and their conservation.

    Sparrow walk

    Take students on Sparrow walk or hike around the school grounds to observe and count their numbers (monitoring) and teach them on how to enter their observations on www.cbmi.in

    Sparrow Stories

    Children can pen down their Sparrow Stories about special anecdotes, personal encounters and feelings that they have with Sparrows. Read this one of a 12-year olds’ rescue mission of Sparrow babies. www.natureforever.org/blog/2014/01/29/baby-birds-day/

    Lastly, we have to remember that this little magical bird that is gradually disappearing from our skies and neighborhoods needs immediate help to survive. By bringing it back, we are safeguarding our children’s future for a green and healthy environment.